The Psalm - A Mass For The Bereaved

Band: The Psalm
Album: I
Format: Tape, 7" Vinyl
Reissue on CD with bonus material out now by Repulsive Echo. Order it here: Tw-SB-SBKSAVbOwcSW3qgG4wk41jjdz-CMiNFTIkHXE25LvYSdT88t-6oK55AslAW7Tv-YsgWM2lcfHV OZeIY4DOCOo4Tu97AfVpuaX-Bthx9HV3v9v&s=1&enc=AZMxuxSgkxLy7AoZQnYQBThIjHRMmb6yZMUj BrbjeSQBkJGdTlorMZT58IXnlHsHIYT3xs-PXPI7V4SZllA_0ozkTak-n6Aijs1le4gZ0aVIgA

Credit s:

Kolozis P-K.Bass
Thomas Eremite Guitars/Vocals
Xristos M.Drums

Recorded And Mixed By Mike Gougolis At Stone House Studio 2014-2015
Mastered By Fotis Demertzis
Video By Jim Evgenidis
Logo by msgt Vomitor
Painting by Nicola Samori

Out on tape soon by Unholy Domain Records (Italy)
Followed by 7" vinyl, to be released by "Screaming Victims Distro" ''Kill Yourself Prod'' ''HellsFire Rec'' in may 2015 limited to 350 copies
http:/  /
Death Metal
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