Tylor Dory Trio - East of Eden


The first single off of our LP: Unsought Salvation

The footage seen was taken while we were in Norway recording the drums, bass, and acoustic guitars for the album.


Jonathan Webster – Drums and percussion
Slava Fedossenko – Bass
Tylor Dory – Vocals, guitar, and synth

Music by: Tylor Dory Trio
Lyrics by: Tylor Dory

Album art and animation loop: Anxo Vizcaino

Filmed by: Diego Fernandez
Video editing by: Diego Fernandez and Slava Fedossenko

Drums, bass, acoustic guitars, and electric guitar re-amping recorded at Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand, Norway. Engineered by Christer Cederberg, assisted by Ola Søgard.

Extra percussion recorded at The Audio Department in Edmonton, Alberta – engineered by Terry Tran.

Vocals and guitar DIs recorded at The Laboradory.

Mix engineer: Christer Cederberg
Mastering engineer: Jens Bogren

Producer: Tylor Dory

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Website – tylordorytrio.band


Thought you were steadfast
Am I that unsuspecting?
Talking behind my back
To my family
This song is your vexing

One year away
You’ll be begging me
To stay

Motivate me
Give me a reason not to shake
You from my coattails
I’ll give you reason to weep

Your selfish regression
Your pseudo-intellectual spew
Your passive aggression
Your double standards
Your debt is coming due

Motivate me
Give me a reason not to shake
You from my coattails
I’ll give you reason to weep

You’ve got it so good but you’re picking at loose threads
You've got it so good but you're picking at loose threads

My father passed down to me
The art of the grudge
You won’t see this coming
But when I leave you here
To start a new career
We’ll see who’s laughing

Who the fuck is laughing now?

How beautiful we could be
Yet fragile it would seem
Delicate little things
A glass menagerie

Progressive Metal
Tyler Dory Trio, Alternative
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