Venom Prison - Corrode the Black Sun


Venom Prison - Corrode the Black Sun 
Album: Animus      

Directed by Daniel Waverley Gray

Yet another tragedy unfolds 
The seed of fascism is planted and thriving 
Bearing fear and hatred 
For the Übermensch conception striving 
Preserving the land of the sacred 
Indoctrinating systematic elitism 
As we stand passive in our guilt  
Passing chauvinism as collectivism 
Morbid intentions remain concealed 

Erasing rivals from the face of existence
Diversity is conflict in totalitarian times
Cutting up carcasses of the failed resistance
We all know but we fail to see these crimes

Spreading the plague
Life collapsing to disease
Hateful ideologies
Fuelling murder machines

Resurrection of cruelty and torture
The sky discoloured by the blackness of hate
Forbidden books, their pages turn to ashes
Until all imagination has ceased
Blind sheep marching, following in masses
Mentally prisoned, never to be released

Spreading the plague
Purifying the master race
Hateful ideologies
Fuelling the murder machines

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Death Metal
Venom Prison, Death Metal
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