Venom Prison - Devoid


Venom Prison - Devoid
Album: Animus 

Video filmed and edited by Daniel Waverley Gray 

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I live when you die 
The empire  
Burning to the ground 
Understand the rage of fire
It’s hatred in its purest form
To destruct is my desire
Burning the hands of those in control
Calloused but behold

Venom runs through my veins
Bathe in the glory of the snake
Drown in poison

Bodies torn apart, fed to the hungry
The end to history’s great infamy
Devoid of emotion and empathy

Your fate is sealed
The great palace in pieces
Rebuilt from your ruins

Towns plundered, women abused
Frustration, discontent, nothing to lose
The serpent spits fire, the bringer of war
Destroying the emperor
Suffered greed and power
Now make him pay
My liberation is your decay
Rebuilt from your ruins
The birth of Utopia

I live when you die
A martyr
Venom in my veins
Welcome Utopia

The empire of inequity
Is burning to the ground
Venom runs trough my veins
Bathe in the glory of the snake
Drown in poison
While the empire is burning
To the ground 

Death Metal
Venom Prison, Death Metal
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