Venom Prison - The Exquisite Taste Of Selfishness


Venom Prison - The Exquisite Taste Of Selfishness
Album: Animus 

While so many young bands are joining the metallic hardcore cause, Venom Prison have left that pack in favour of something heavier and even more destructive. The uncontrollable rage that surges through their debut album is the milk that feeds the sick and twisted ensemble who work in tandem to create such a hellish racket, the demon spawn would flee in agony. The hyper-tempo drums and thrash-influenced riffing grow and swell like a rotting carcass, but its Larissa Stupar’s formidable, bloodcurdling roar that separates Venom Prison from their peers. Sounding like it would punch you in the neck just to see if you’d drop, Animus is a revved up piece of horrific beauty, allowing you to satiate yourself on the very worst of society. Lyrical topics range from rape revenge to the End Times, and when the angels do finally fall from the sky this will be what caused it. Hellish and violent from start to finish, it’s hard to believe this is the band’s debut album. Just imagine how pissed off they’ll be for the follow-up. - Terrorizer 
Filmed by Jake Owens 
Edited by Larissa Stupar 

Death Metal
Venom Prison, Death Metal
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