Whitechapel - When a Demon Defiles a Witch


Whitechapel - When a Demon Defiles a Witch  
Album: The Valley 
Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/whitechapel 

2019 Metal Blade Records 

Directed by Mathis Arnell - http://www.naughtymantis.com 
They appear 
I remember when the fire was security 
Now it’s killing me 
A wolf can’t hunt without its prey 
So take me to my grave 
The demons dance by the fireside 
But tonight they migrate to my bedside 

Burn the bed
Burn everything
It’s a lie anyway
There’s nowhere left to run 
There’s nowhere left for me to be 
Without you by my side 
How could the world take you from me 
They all deserve to burn with me 

I cry but if you take a closer look
You’ll see it’s a demon’s eyes
There’s no coming back for me
For my spirit guide is trapped inside my brain
I don’t know who I am
In the name of the father and the holy ghost
Close your gates, lock the doors, there is no hope

What has the world come to
When a demon defiles a witch
Nobody trusts a word I say
I can’t erase these memories
But I will erase humanity 

Death Metal
Whitechapel, Death Metal, Metal Blade Records
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